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1. In our Tunnel Project, I have installed a large diameter circular metal section underground vertically, for downward excavation retaining purposes. I found it too short but I can’t pull it out. As I want to replace it with a longer section to be driven vertically down, sufficient for earth retaining purposes.


2. We are the Main Contractor, our Employer intends to use Post-Tensioning Beams in our Multi-Storey Structure Construction, but we are unfamiliar with the construction sequence and other details.          


3. We are the Main Contractor, we have been awarded by the Employer to construct a Tall Commercial Building under the “Design & Build” Contract, where the Employer would only provide the Architectural design and all the other items including Structural Design are going to be performed by us. However, the Professional Engineer (PE) that we engaged for the Structural Design refuse to oversee the design and construction of Glass Curtain Walls.


4. We are the Main Contractor for a MRT Project, in constructing the Station Box Structure, we intend to use the “Open-cut Method”. The excavation size is about 28m (depth) x 50m (width) x 70m (length). We are concerned about such a huge excavation and we want to take all precautions to ensure that our excavation and strutting works do not end up like the “Nicoll Highway Collapse” case.


5. We are the Main Contractor engaged by the Employer to demolish an existing high-rise residential development & to rebuild on the existing site a new high-rise development. We have engaged a Subcontractor who claimed to be experienced in demolition works to proceed with all related demolition works. However, after 1 month since he took possession of the site, he is still unable to submit to us a proper Method of Statement with Professional Engineer’s endorsement, we are worried and we would like to check on his work.


6. In your opinion, how do you find the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2004 relevant in assisting Contractors / Suppliers in obtaining payments for work-done/ materials supplied?


7. You asked, ‘How do you rate the importance of a Construction Contract in the entire Project Tendering & Execution Process?’


8. You asked, ‘How do we know whether a Sub-Contract is properly drafted for a $550 million Main Contract Project in town?’


9.  I am a Contractor specializing in Interior Works (ID Works). Mid last year, I was introduced by a friend to do work for a private house owner. I gave him the quotation but he refused to endorse on it, however, he had been persistent in assuring me that he would pay me a final figure of $150,000.00 for all the work-done as instructed, there was no written contract concluded even till this date. I collected some deposit from him before I started work. Now all the instructed works had been completed and he refused to pay me the full amount as agreed verbally by him earlier, giving all sorts of excuses etc… I am distressed financially and mentally, I intend to institute legal proceedings but I am not sure of winning the case.


10. You said, ‘We are the Main Contractor engaged with the construction of a $650 million (project sum) commercial project in town.  Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, the project is now delayed and we are concerned about many issues including our need to submit a proper “Extension of Time” (EOT) claim and possibly a claim for “Loss and Expense” (LAE).


11.  My brother and a few friends were killed in the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. Now my mother is very ill due to great grief and all the family members are in deep depression and need to be treated by the Psychiatrists. We want to do something to prevent something similar from happening, is there a simple way to check and prevent?

(dated 26 May 2013)



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