I see… Men and men… women, old people, children, warriors, scholars, doctors, peasants… They all come and pass by with their loads of hopes and sorrows.  And I see many stagger, because their sorrow is too great, and their hope has slipped off the load first of all, as the load is too heavy, and their hope has crumbled on the ground… And I see many fall on the roadsides, because they are pushed by others who are stronger, stronger or luckier, as their weights are lighter.  And I see many who, feeling that they are abandoned by those who pass by, and they are even trampled on, and feeling that they are about to die, go to the extent of hating and cursing.


              Poor children! Among all these, struck by life, who pass by or fall, My Love has deliberately spread some compassionate Samaritans, good doctors, lights in the night, voices in the silence, so that the weak who fall may find assistance, and once again they may see Light and hear the Voice that says: “Hope.  You are not alone.  Over you there is God.  Jesus is with you”.  I have deliberately place this active charity, so that My poor children may not die in their spirits, losing their paternal abode, and they may continue to believe in Me-Love, seeing My reflection in My ministers.

              But, o grief that makes the Wound of My Heart bleed as it did when it was opened on Golgotha!  But what do My divine eyes see? Are there perhaps no priest among the infinite crowds passing by?  Is that why My Heart is bleeding? Are seminaries empty?  So does My divine invitation no longer resound in hearts?  Is man’s heart no longer capable of hearing it?  No.  Throughout ages there will be seminaries and Levites in them. Priest will come out of them, because in the hour of adolescence My invitation will have sounded with a celestial voice in many hearts, and they will have followed it.  But other, other, other voices will have come later with their youth and maturity, and My Voice will have been overwhelmed in those hearts.  My Voice that speaks throughout ages to its ministers, that they may always be what you are now: the apostles at Christ’s school.  The cassock has remained.  But the priest is dead.  This will happen too many in the course of ages.  Useless dark shadows, they will not be a lever that lifts, a rope that pulls, a fountain that quenches people’s thirst, corn that satisfies their hunger, a heart that is a pillow, a light in darkness, a voice that repeats what the Master says to him.  But for poor mankind they will be a weight of scandal, a weight of death, a parasite, a putrefaction… Horror!  Once again and always I shall have the greatest Judases of the future of My priests!


              My friends, I am in My glory, and yet I weep.  I take pity on these infinite crowds, herds without shepherds or with too few shepherds.  Infinite pity! Well, I swear it on My Divinity, I will give them the bread, the water, the light, the voice that those chosen for this work do not want to give.  I will repeat the miracles of the loaves and fish in future ages.  With few mean little fish, and with scanty crusts of bread – humble laic souls – I will give food to many people, and they will be satisfied, and there will be some for those of the future, because “I feel sorry for this people” and I do not want it to perish.

              Blessed are those who deserve to be such.  Not blessed because they are such.  But because they will have deserved it with their love and sacrifice.  And most blessed those priests who will remain apostles: bread , water, light, voice, rest and medicine for My poor children. They will shine in Heaven with a special light.  I swear it to you, I Who am the Truth.


              Let us get up, My friends, and come with Me, that I may teach you again to pray. It is prayer that nourishes the strength of the apostles, because it blends him with God.’



Important Note:


You have noted that the aforesaid are not our creation, thus if you are in anyway disagreed, please proceed to challenge Jesus Christ, we trust that He would be glad to clarify all your doubts.


This dictated work of “The Poem of Man-God” by visionary Maria Valtorta consists of 5 volumes and a total of 647 chapters.


His Holiness Pope Pius XII, February 26 1948: 

"Publish this work as it is. there is no need to give an opinion about its origin, whether it be extraordinary or not. Who reads it, will understand."  The names of the three Servite priests were listed the next day in l'Osservatore Romano as having had the private audience with the pope: Fr. R. Migliorini (Maria's spiritual director),  Fr. C. Berti, professor of Dogmatic and Sacramental Theology at Marianum, Pontifical Faculty of Theology, in Rome, and Fr. A. Cecchin, Prior of the Servites International College. Fr Peter Mary Rookey, a well known healing priest based in the Chicago area, had a conversation with Fr. Cecchin in the 1990's who recalled that the pope did indeed order the work to be published, but that the pope also advised them to try to find a bishop who would give it an Imprimatur.


Bishop Soosa Pakiam M. of Trivandrum, India, granted an Imprimatur for the Malayalam translation of POEM OF THE MAN-GOD in 1992. Blessed Pope John Paul II made Bishop Soosa an archbishop after he issued his Imprimatur for POEM OF THE MAN-GOD.


William F. Buckley, Jr., was so impressed with Maria Valtorta's account of the Crucifixion of Jesus, that he included a long excerpt of it in his book: NEARER MY GOD (1998).


Archbishop Alfonso Carinci, Secretary of the Congregation of the Sacred Rites (1946):

"There is nothing therein which is contrary to the Gospel. Rather, this work, a good complement to the Gospel, contributes towards a better understanding of its meaning."


Fr. Dreyfus, of the French Biblical and Archeological School, Jerusalem (1986)

"I was greatly impressed on finding in Maria Valtorta's work the names of at least six or seven towns, which are absent from the Old and New Testaments. These names are known but to a few specialists, and through non-biblical sources... [...] Now, how could she have known these names, if not through the revelations she claims that she had?"


John Haffert, author, (1995)

"I have the 10 volumes of The Poem of the Men-God in Italian and French. It is the most wonderful work I have ever read and I consider it a blessing of God. I'm in my seventies. And in my entire life, among all the books I've read, The Poem of the Man-God is the one that has done me the most good in my spiritual life."


Msgr. Ugo Lattanzi, dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Lateran Pontifical University, adviser to the Holy Office (1951)

"The author could not have written such an abundant amount of material without being under the influence of a supernatural power."


Fr. Agostino Bea (future Cardinal), Jesuit, rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute and advisor to the Holy Office (1952)

"I have read in typed manuscripts many of the books written by Maria Valtorta [...] As far as exegesis is concerned, I did not find any errors in the parts which I examined."


Fr, Marco Giraudo, 0.P. Commissioner of the Holy Office in 1961, to Fr, Berti, representing the Order of the Servants of Mary, and made responsible for her writings by Maria Vallorta herself (1961)

"You have our complete approval to continue the publication of this second edition of Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God"


Sister Monica Foltier, Cincinnati, Ohio (1987)

"lt is fantastic. I could hardly let it out of my hands. After I finished it once, I immediately began to read it again. It is going to have a terrific impact on those who wish to live a more religious life."


Jean Aulagnier, specialist in ancient calendars, author of a book on Valtorta's work (1995)

"Having established a scientific chronolgy of all events and occurrences in Maria Valtorta's work, I cannot but say it remains unexplainable otherwise than by divine intervention."


Wayne Weible, International reporter and Christian preacher, South Carolina (1987)

"I must tell you that I consider this book to be the greatest book I have ever read outside of the holy scriptures. It is a full amplification of the gospel stories of Jesus. I am forever indebted to Maria [Valtorta] for this tremendous work. I am promoting it as the best source for details of the life of Christ and His Blessed Mother. Everywhere I speak I recommend it."


Roulie Stadelmen, Great Modowa, N.J, (1987)

"The Poem of the Man-God, I LOVE IT. My only regret is that I have not read it before."


David Ottman, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (1987)

"The Poem of the Man-God should be put into the hands of as many sincere people as possible [...] It is a wonderful book and I have been so deeply touched by the simple beauty of the account of Our Lord's Life."


Msgr.  Macchi. private secretary of Pope Paul VI, to Fr. C. M. Berti OSM, in an hour long interview (1963)

"When His Holiness (Paul VI) was Archbishop of Milan, he read one of the books of The Poem of the Man-God. He told me how he appreciated it, and had me send the complete work to the Library of the diocesan Seminary."


Msgr. Gianfranco Nolli, director of the Vatican Museum, author (1971)

"Whoever reads The Poem of the Man-God is favored with spiritual blessing and inner peace."


5 August 2012


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