Our Professional Services:

Angel Investor, Business & Personal Coaching,

Contracts  & Claims, Investments, Project Management,

Civil & Structural Engineering, Tunneling, CD Shelter Engineering,

Oil & Gas Industry /Marine & Offshore Works, Additions & Alterations,

Webpage Design, Upload & Maintenance.



This is also the official webpage for Emmanuel Consultants (set up in January 2000) & Emmanuel & Joseph International Consultants.


If you are looking for Professionals with good engineering, contractual  & legal knowledge to help you in your projects, we could be your best choice.


Please call us at +65 93384746 during office hours and one of our Consultants will attend to you. 


We are socially responsible and we serve our clients with the best of our abilities to achieve excellence.


You want us to help you to boost Sales Worldwide?



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Contact us


56 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5

#20-08, Tower A

Singapore 659804.

See our location via Google. Thanks Google.


Telephone: +65 93384746

Fax: +65 62192358

Email: emmanuel.maria2000@yahoo.com.sg


How to come to our Office?

Easy drive here or via Fast Feeder Bus 945 from (Bukit Batok MRT Station besides West Mall) or (Bukit Gombak MRT Station besides Little Guilin小桂林). Welcome!



Beware of Social Media Hijacking in business (see below for details).

Beware of Social Media Hijacking:


We are aware that some Companies are trying to register under similar domain names and claim that they are related to us. We want to clarify here that only the following Companies are related to us and they are all registered in Singapore:

-  Emmanuel & Maria International Consultants LLP,

-  Emmanuel & Joseph International Consultants &

-  Emmanuel Consultants (Registered with Professional Engineers Board).


Kindly beware of Fraud that could happen easily in the Cyber Space. Please contact us immediately @ +65 93384746 if you need further clarification. We want you to visit our website with peace & security.


This website is the official website of our Consultancy and our Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria. It contains our latest updates and personal particulars of our Er. Goh Cheow Leng Maria.


We disclaim any contradictory information / controversy or pictures that you may find in social websites such as Facebook, WebMii, Flickr, YouTube, pipl.com, family.webshots.com, www.scribd.com etc.


We confirm that we have never uploaded & would never upload any of our information /particulars or  pictures in the aforesaid or other social websites.



Operating Hours:


Mondays to Fridays – 9:00am to 6:00pm SGT.

Saturdays - 9:00am to 1:00pm SGT.

Sundays and Public Holidays – Resting.







Our webpage was first launched on 10 September 2008.





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